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"Sport for All and the Environment" (SforAE) Project

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Start: 01-01-2021 End: 30-06-2023

Key Action: Sport

Action Type: Collaborative Partnerships

Project Reference: 622949-EPP-1-2020-1-PL-SPO-SSCP

EU Grant: 53775 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+


The idea of the "Sport for All and the Environment" (SforAE) project is raising an awareness about the benefits of implementing ecological behavior in sport for all. Its aim is an environmental education through sport and sport promotion in safe and clean environment. The principal is to share the message that physical activity keeps mankind in a good and healthy shape and extends the individuals lives. When saving the natural resources is key to keep the environment beautiful and in a good condition for the next generations. This parallelism is the base for the SforAE Project. The SforAE Project includes partners from 4 Central and Eastern Europe countries (Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland and Slovakia). This is development of previous edition of SforAE Project.

Next aim is to establish strong cooperation between partners to create a synergic effect for them. The project involves the exchange of experiences and the development of the second edition of guidelines for ecologically sustainable sports events. It also includes organization of 4 flagship events (each Project partner is responsible for one) and support with promotional materials in a form of free of charge canned drinks for about 120 different sport events. The events must be organized sustainable for environment, including collection and recycling of empty cans. Another part of the SforAE Project is to collect best practices in sport events to be published in a brochure. The best practices promoting active lifestyles and compliant with green events and our recommendations for sport events’ organizers. There will be about 8-10 examples of sport events to show possible actions, not only in the organization of recycling, but also on reducing the environmental impact of organized sport events. The publication will be available in all Partners’ languages and English. The brochure will be a substantial effect of the Project and will help all sport event organizers to include sustainability issues into their events.

Project’s goal

The goal of the "Sport for All and the Environment" project is:

public education in the field of environmentally friendly sport events in conjunction with sustainable development

developing cooperation between sport organizations promoting environmental education using sport, sport events and sport activities

increasing awareness of the social benefits of physical activity undertaken in a clean and safe environment

preparing recommendations for sport organizations and clubs regarding "green" guidelines

collecting a list of examples of best practices in the field of environmental education using sport and the exchange of volunteers involved in the dissemination of project objectives.

What do we offer

Delivery of free canned isotonic drink for organizers of sport events taking place in the countries of the Project partners (CZ, LV, SK and PL).

Together with cans, we deliver cardboard containers and bags for empty beverage cans. The organizers must apply for support and confirm the collection of cans during the event.

Collected cans must be sent for recycling by the local waste management system or to a buy-back points. We will only grant our support to those organizers who will follow the "Green guidelines" of the project on how to conduct a sport event environmentally sustainable.

6 meetings for all SforAE partners

Preparation of "Green guidelines" in 5 languages (CZ, EN, LV, PL, SK) with recommendations for organizers of sport events interested in limiting the impact on the environment

Support for organizers of 120 sport events interested in free water in a limited series of cans Every Can Counts in 4 countries (CZ, LV, PL, SK)

Delivery of containers and bags to support the collection of empty beverage cans

4 flagship events of the partners

Publication of the best environmental practices selected from over 140 supported sports events (2-3 from each country)

Green guidelines

We encourage you to download and make use of our ideas to organize sport events in a sustainable way. We will be grateful for the information which elements you have managed to implement and with what effect.

Best Practices

The examples presented in this SforAE Best Practices publication are practical ideas for organizing an event with a lower environmental impact.